Ten Years on, the 3rd “World’s Top Crane” Delivered!

Ten years ago

The 4000-ton crawler crane R&D project team was formed

Eight years ago

The 4000-ton crawler crane officially rolled off the assembly line

And was named XGC88000

Seven years ago

The first XGC88000 was delivered

And hailed as the “World’s Top Crane”

Over the past seven years

One crane presented itself to the world

One crane delivers in China

Ten years on, the 3rd crane is here


The 3rd XCMG’s XGC88000 is delivered to CPFCC

Pillar of a Great Power · CPFCC goes global

On October 13, XCMG’s Manufacturing Base of Crawler Cranes once again witnessed a major event. The “Pillar of a Great Power · CPFCC goes global” CPFCC·XCMG XGC88000 4,000-ton crawler crane delivery ceremony was held.


Wang Min, chairman and party secretary of XCMG, and Li Junrui, general manager of CPFCC attended the ceremony and witnessed this historic moment together with users, media and employees.

The “World’s Top Crane” showed up at the site, with dozens of small-tonnage cranes around. They are “soaring high”, showcasing XCMG’s confidence and strength in the field of crawler crane.

In his speech, Wang Min said:

XCMG and CPFCC are strategic partners and old friends. We have been working closely together for years. Our strategic cooperation today will surely take the upgrading and advancement of China’s equipment manufacturing and lifting to the next level.

In his speech, Li Junrui said:

CPFCC has followed closely on XCMG and its products. The delivery of XGC88000 4,000-ton crawler crane is a critical moment indicating the realization of CPFCC’s long-cherished wish. The comprehensive strategic cooperation will be carried out between “China’s Top Refinery Construction Company” and the “World’s Top Crane”.

At the delivery ceremony, Wang Min and Li Junrui insert the golden key-symbolizing the official delivery of XCMG’s XGC88000 crawler crane-into the platform.


Lead the Industry, Three Cranes in Ten Years


XGC88000 epitomizes what China has achieved in technological innovation and its determination to forge ahead. It represents a pillar of this country that integrates innovation and wisdom. With XGC88000, China has become the third country, after Germany and the United States, to have independently researched, developed, and manufactured kiloton super mobile cranes.

It has been ten years since the official launch of XCMG’s 4,000-ton crawler crane R&D project. Today, the 3rd XGC88000 is delivered. This is more of a qualitative leap than an increase in number.

As China’s only and world’s leading company with independent R&D and manufacturing capabilities, XCMG managed to deliver three 4,000-ton crawler cranes through “mass production” within 10 years. XCMG has evolved from the founder of the industry to a game changer in the global competition and a leader in the world’s high-end equipment manufacturing.


Matchless and Outstanding Achievements

XCMG’s XGC88000 has acquired three world-pioneering technologies, six world-leading technologies, and has 45 valid patents. It is the first 4,000-ton crawler crane product used in the industry.

Since its first lifting operation on July 5, 2013, XGC88000 has participated in the construction of more than 20 large-scale petrochemical, coal chemical and other engineering projects, each worth around 100 billion. XGC88000 has traveled a total of nearly 50,000 kilometers, and has been safely operated for over 9,000 hours. It is hailed as the “Pillar of a Great Power” by CCTV.


Last October, XCMG’s XGC88000 went abroad and was used in the construction of two petrochemical projects in Saudi Arabia and Oman. This is the first time for China’s largest-tonnage crawler crane to be part of overseas projects-another milestone event in the “Belt and Road” Initiative that marks the presence of China’s high-end equipment outside the country.

Despite the shining past, our journey goes on.

Going forward, XCMG will continue to dig deeper into the market, remain committed to the development philosophy of “High Quality, High Efficiency, High Profit and Sustainability”.