XCMG embraces the entrepreneurial spirit to build a world-class enterprise

Wang Min, chairman of XCMG, as the only entrepreneur representative of Jiangsu Province, was invited to attend the symposium chaired by Chinese President Xi Jinping. Affected by the outbreak, XCMG embraces the entrepreneurial spirit, takes the initiative to explore, innovate and act, hereby achieving 17% growth rate in operating revenue in the first half of 2020 and 14% growth rate in total export value.

XCMG has taken the lead in China's construction machinery industry and put in joint efforts to accelerate its overseas expansion, making solid progress in the global distribution of products. The number of countries and regions that XCMG exports a diversity of construction machinery products to have increased from 183 countries and regions to 187. XCMG crane equipment was sold and successfully delivered to European markets during the pandemic. Two customized XCMG XGC300-I Crawler Cranes have entered the high-end Australian market for the first time. XCMG has achieved breakthroughs and self-transcendence, and has also been favored and recognized by customers all over the world.

XCMG has actively innovated in product technology, intelligent manufacturing and marketing modes. It has set up five major research and development centers in China, the United States, Germany, Brazil, India, to enhance global engineering machinery equipment technology research and development strength and global collaborative innovation ability. It is expected to provide global customers with product marketing services, full value chain services and comprehensive solutions.

In terms of product technology, XCMG has presented over 20 electric logistic vehicles, covering various fields. Instead of traditional plug-in charging, XCMG has developed a new battery-change mode, largely increasing product functionality. In intelligent manufacturing aspects, XCMG has been exploring its application in a 5G smart factory. Relying on BeiDou navigation system, XCMG Xrea Industrial Internet Platform has achieved commendable results in more than 70 industries, including those that deal with construction, high-end equipment manufacturing and new energy. To increase international influence, XCMG global live broadcasting was launched. According to statistics, the live broadcast conducted in English and French lasted for nearly 5 hours, had more than 200,000 number of clicks, 335,000 number of views on overseas social platforms, and received transaction and intentional orders exceeding 200 million yuan.

As a responsible Chinese enterprise, XCMG has demonstrated its responsibility as a great power.

Recently, parts of China were hit by torrential rain, and the flood control situation was extremely grim. After the disaster, XCMG immediately activated emergency mechanisms and dispatched peripheral excavators to assist in rescue operations. In addition, since the resumption of work and production, XCMG's equipment has contributed to the construction of the "new infrastructure" project. The external access to the last village in the country without access to the road has been opened up. In the XCMG milling machine intelligent manufacturing base lies several XCMG XM200k Ⅱ large milling machines ready to be used in Zhejiang’s road maintenance project.

XCMG actively embraces the entrepreneurial spirit which constantly seeks to improve strength in patriotism, innovation, integrity, social responsibility and international vision, striving to build a world-class enterprise.