2020 ConExpo | NO.1 XCMG, the most dazzling Chinese star in Las Vegas

On March 10,

Las Vegas Convention Center was bustling.

In the feast of the global engineering machinery


As the construction machinery manufacturer

with the most complete range and set of construction machinery products

in the world,


with the theme of "Innovation for Your Success",

Exhibited the products of most categories among all exhibitors from China,

24 high-quality products in 6 categories,

becoming the most dazzling Chinese star in the whole exhibition.


Pointing directly towards the blue sky, the golden giant raised the glorious banner of "XCMG", the leader of Chinese construction machinery; the powerful steel arms, like a pair of giant hands waving, confidently sending out the most sincere greetings of XCMG people to the construction machinery industry in North America and even the world, "Hello, Las Vegas! XCMG is here again as promised!"

Six categories covering all construction machinery, the strongest "XCMG style"


It was drizzling and cloudy. However, on the scene of 2020 ONEXPO-CON/AGG, XCMG high-quality equipment, just like golden lightning, was particularly eye-catching.

Truck crane, all-terrain crane and rough-terrain crane, XCMG cranes create a set of invincible "combination" solution. With the bucket held high and innovative manufacturing, XCMG XC9 series 3 loaders "targeted" the high-end market in North America. Boasting excellent quality of products of all sizes, XCMG excavators "eight King Kong" are lined up neatly. 4 XCMG road machinery including roller and grader are waiting in the wings. "Magic Iron Rod" XCMG rotary drilling rig, horizontal directional drilling rig as well as 4 XCMG aerial work platforms are also on display. 24 XCMG products, all customized to the North American market, represented the most complete construction machinery lineup, showing its strong power as the leader in China and the sixth globally in the construction machinery industry.

As the construction machinery manufacturer with the most complete range of products in the global industry, XCMG products cover 8 major fields and 50 industries of construction machinery. On the ranking list of top 50 global construction machinery companies in 2019 (Yellow Table 2019) released by British KHL Group, XCMG covers 16 out of 17 product categories, and is the company with the most complete product categories in the shortlist.


At this exhibition, XCMG displayed a full range of products to meet the needs of all customers around the world.

Combination of hardness and softness, a feast to the eye and most wonderful interaction


On the opening day, XCMG booth attracted the attention of many global visitors. The XCMG equipment was both rigid and flexible. After more than 70 years of innovation and R&D investment, XCMG's position as a leader in Chinese construction machinery industry and the symbol of high quality in Chinese construction machinery industry was perfectly interpreted at this moment.

As a touch of "sky blue" in the golden "forests", XCMG latest electric excavator XE35U-E was particularly striking. Different from the traditional diesel powered excavator, this electric excavator has the advantages of zero emission, environmental protection and high efficiency. It has a small body and full power. With the precise operation, the machine was started, the arm was adjusted, and the basketball was steadily thrown into the basket after, like a finger roll from a basketball player. The excellent handling was precisely and vividly demonstrated, attracting the cheers and applause of the visitors from all over the world.

Friends from all over the world also showed a strong interest and proposed to participate in the test drive of XCMG exhibits. With local operators from the United States, businessmen from Mexico and American teenagers participating in the exhibition, XCMG booth was becoming a focus, standing out from all other booths.


XCMG voice at Chinese Construction Machinery Brand Press Conference


An the exhibition, the Ministry of Commerce of China, China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products and China Construction Machinery Association jointly held the "Chinese Construction Machinery Brand Press Conference". XCMG and many peers in Chinese construction machinery industry talked about the future development of the construction machinery industry.

Xie bin, General Manager of XCMG North America, introduced the international development of XCMG in recent years, especially the brilliant growth and deep cultivation of North America markets. After decades of efforts and hard work, XCMG has grown from an unknown brand to the most popular Chinese construction machinery enterprise in North America, providing a large number of high-quality products and complete solutions for customers in North America.


"In the context of the global spread of coronavirus, XCMG still arrived as promised, fully showing XCMG's confidence and determination to go ahead with global customers in overcoming difficulties and seeking development together." XCMG voice made at the conference aroused deep resonance among peers of Chinese construction machinery enterprises.

Behind the wonderful debut of 2020 CONEXPO-CON/AGG is the hard work and innovative development of generations of XCMG people, the great efforts and struggling of more than 23,000 global XCMG workers, and also the faith and pursuit of XCMG, the steel backbone of Chinese construction machinery.


On the international stage of


a vigorous, modern and international world-class enterprise,


is stepping forward global friends.

Las Vegas Convention Center, F6424

Innovation for your success

XCMG for your Success

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